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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Get Epic To Send "normal" Signal To Other Apps?
Got the Samsung Desk Dock for easy re-charging and using phone on nightstand. If I use the Samsung Desk Home app from the market, that app automatically detects that the phone is in the dock and runs the app. However, no other app is able to detect that the phone is docked, even with the Desk/Home app uninstalled (i.e. not the default). My understanding is that the phone should send a signal to Android if the device is being docked. Then Android sends a broadcast to all apps that the device has been docked. I have tested with two different apps which are designed to run upon the phone being docked and neither detects the phone being docked. Without the Samsung dock app loaded, there is no change when the phone is docked. It seems like only the Samsung app is capable of detecting docking. Am I missing something? How can I get the Epic to send out the "normal" signal to other apps upon being docked? ...

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Availability Of Android 2.1 Update?
When will the update be available in Romania on Orange network? ...

Motorola Droid :: Gallery View To Show File Name
Is there a view or option I'm missing? The thumbnail would be great if I didn't have 20 videos with the FOX 21th century logo as the picture. ...

Games :: Best Brick Breaker Type Game For Android?
Title says it all. ...

Android : External Drive With Phone
I want to use my phone to connect to a piano/keyboard that I use, an Alesis Fusion. The Fusion is recognized as an external drive when I attach it to my PC and I can backup or copy new sounds, etc, to the keyboard. . . so, what do I need to do to get an external drive to be recognized from my phone so that I might download info with my phone and then load it onto my keyboard, which is pretty much and external drive. . . which could be ultra cool. Is this possible? ...


Add Pagination To Results Which Query FULL-TEXT Indexed Table
I am trying to add pagination to my results which query a FULL-TEXT indexed table. Here is the query:

Normal Query

SELECT *,MATCH(title) AGAINST ("+samsung +galaxy +s3" IN BOOLEAN MODE)
as score FROM `deals` WHERE `image`!='' AND category=15032 ORDER BY score DESC;

It returns 183 rows.Trying to do pagination

("+samsung +galaxy +s3" IN BOOLEAN MODE) as score FROM `deals`
WHERE `image`!='' AND category=15032 ORDER BY score DESC LIMIT 8;

Return 8 rows as intended as i want to show 8 items per page.and then


It returns 20 items as opposed to 183 as was coming in the original query. ...

Creating Data Dump With Where Clause
I was just wondering whether it was possible to create a data dump containing all data from tables 1 and table2 as well as selected data from table3 i.e apply a where clause to just table3 all in the same statement namely:

mysqldump -u abc --password="abc1" table1 table2 table3 -w table3.col1 = 14 > latestdata.dump ...

Trigger To Modify Table Permissions
I am trying to create a trigger on table a that updates the permissions on table b based on a boolean value inside of table a. Is this possible? I have been running into all kinds of trouble trying to get this done.

Here is my trigger:

CREATE TRIGGER TRIG_autoconfenabled
AFTER UPDATE ON management
BEGIN IF management.autoconfenabled = 1 THEN

I should also note that if I drop the trigger, I can re-run the update without error. The trigger is causing the error in the update statement; though, I don't know why. ...

Combining Multiple Tables To Query For Search Results?
I've worked up a little search function on one of our sites that queries our MySQL database. I'll explain more of what I'm looking to do in a moment, but first, here's the

$keywords= explode(" ",$keywords);
$search_q = ''; 
foreach($keywords as $word){ 
   $search_q .= "specialty_displayname  LIKE '%" . $word . "%' &&";

$search_q = substr($search_q, 0, -2); //strip off the last || 


So this works great, does what we're looking to do. However, I actually want the search function to search across two tables, with unrelated column headers and data. Currently I'm accomplishing this by having a second query and process after the first one shown above, just with the values adjusted to reflect the information in the other table. I know this can be done more efficiently. Enter UNION ALL. I found this solution that seems to work well for ONE keyword:

FROM specialty_list


This combines the tables so that I can query a single result set. However, I don't know how to do this on multiple word values (shown in the original code above). Can I add a LIKE statement to a UNION? ...

Php - Go To Other Process After A Copy Process Condition
I read database to get $doc_copy (contain links). If there's link, so copy process start and then go to mainProcess.php, but if not found link, then go to 'summary_index.php';` here's the code :

function copyDoc($link, $savePath){
@copy($link, $savePath . basename($link));


it's ok if there's no copy process. but when there's no copy process summary_index.php doesn't run. ...


MacBook Pro :: My Magsafe Light Goes Dim Green?
my magsafe light goes dim green, orange, or off when plugged into my macbook

it still charges it fine, an it never stops charing, just the light goes dim. if i wiggle the wire the light turns back on.

i went to the apple store, the guy didnt look at it but i explained the above, he said its normal an his does the same an come back if it stops chargin

what do you thing? should i go back or call or is it fine. ...

MacBook Pro :: Tried TechRestore's Glossy->Matte Service?
So Tech Restore offer a way to convert your Glossy to Matte. I think they simply replace your screen.

Anybody used that? ...

IMac :: Hiding - Moving Or Restrcting Photo Events
I realize that individual pics in an event file can be hidden, but--is it possible to hide the entire event file itself? If it is not possible to do that, can access to the entire photo category be restricted Finally, if neither option is possible, can the event file be moved to a different or hidden location somehwere else in the Mac? ...

OS X Technologies :: Handling Email Attachments And Content Downloaded From The Internet?
handling email attachments and content downloaded from the Internet?

MacBook, iOS 5.0.1, ...

Mac Pro :: Sidekick - Notebook - Along With Your Mac Pro?
Do you use a notebook along with your Mac Pro?

If yes, what notebook do you use?

What percentage of time do you spend on each?

My Mac Pro does the heavy lifting of course, superb for Photo/Movie editing, Server, file management etc ....

Why did I make this post? Well, I have a MacBook Air as well and because it's so damn light, small and easy to use anywhere I find myself using it for 80-90% of my work....

I sort of feel guilty not using my Mac Pro more, but hey, it's summer time, I don't have to work at a desk and the Air gives me a lot of freedom, I don't enjoy working at a desk as much as I used to, although you tend to be much more organized working from a desk ... ...

Windows 8

All Libraries Shown In Pictures?
When I'm in file explorer and click on My Pictures, it shows all my libraries. I don't want it to do this. This does not occur when accessing any other library. ...

Vertical Scrolling Setting Resets To 1 Randomly Laptop
Every 20 or so minutes I have to keep going into my mouse settings to change the Verticle Scroll speed back up to 4, up from the default 1. This problem has been occurring since I got this laptop in november last year, and I've been up for 2 and a half hours trying to finally fix this tedious problem, I'm starting to lose hope and it's getting to the point where it makes me not want to even get on the computer. My Dell Touchpad program that came with the computer is always turned off when the mouse is plugged in, so that can't be why.

There are two ways for me to change the scroll speed, by going into the Windows 8 PC Settings>PC & Devices>Mouse & Touchpad, and the mouse properties that are in the control panel. When I change the Mouse & Touchpad settings they change the settings in the mouse properties but not vice-versa.

There is no KH-whatever file in my startup list.

Synaptics drivers for touchpad are up to date, as is the mouse driver.

My mouse is a Engage Optical Mouse, I've had it for about 2 years and I never had a problem with it on my last computer. My current laptop is a Dell Inspiron M531R-5535. ...

Gaming :: Link Shortcut In Games Folder?
how to delete link shortcuts out of the "Games" folder on Windows 8? I put a link shortcut in there by accident and it got stuck in there. I can't delete it or anything. ...

Network / Sharing :: No Internet Access When Have Internet Access Also?
Windows network and sharing center says that no Internet access but Internet is working (sort of conditionally ) This is a desktop computer with LAN Connection . only one adapter is shown in network devices. Currently we are in domain environment and behind Microsoft tmg.

When proxy settings are set to auto detect then browsing is not working on internet explorer 10 but it's working flawlessly in Chrome. however manually entering the proxy settings browsing is Internet Explorer works.

I tried browsing by ip address in internet Explorer but no luck. It's only on this one pc.

Windows is updated regularly. Scep 2012 is installed with latest definition and found no issue.

I have tried twice to Reset the windsock and tcp ip stack. Still same result. Uninstalled network card drivers still no luck.

Ip is assigned by DHCP. I manually entered ip settings no luck.

Scan with malware bytes anti malware found three malwares and quarantined but still no luck.

Network cable is tested ok.

Reset internet explorer settings and restart pc but still no luck.

Removed Internet Explorer and restart computer and then installed again and restart and still no luck.

Also tried disabling ipv6 no luck.

Internet Explorer 10 is needed as we have some custom applications that won't work with ie 11.

However when I login with another account (another domain user account) all is ok i.e. browsing in IE with auto detect proxy settings is working and also the network icon is not showing no Internet access. ...

Hardware Drivers :: Space Key Sets Randomly Spaces When Texting
I am working at a desktop pc with Win 8.1 installed. When typing, spaces appear randomly (also in the middle of a word - it is not as if the space key had got stuck). Nevertheless I got a new keyboard but the same problem occurs. I removed the keyboard driver - did not work. The keyboard is not wireless, plain USB. Seems though, as if the fault appears only in programs of the MS office suite. ...


Cisco WAN :: 887V VDSL Router / Pinging From The VLAN1?
I have a problem with my Cisco 887V VDSL-router. The router gets a ip-address with dhcp from my provider. That works fine. I also can ping from the router:
routerVdslTestNew#ping source vlan 1
Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Packet sent with a source address of
Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 48/48/52 ms
My problem: If I want to ping google from a computer in the VLAN1 the ping doesn't work.
Ping wird ausgeführt für mit 32 Bytes Daten:
Timeout. ...

Sony Vaio Laptop / Slow Internet Speed On Wifi?
My Sony Vaio laptop is experiencing slow internet speed even though the signal level shows as excellent. This is only when using it upstairs, where it is normally used. In the same room as the router it is fine. This has only just starting happening and it was OK anywhere in the house until a couple of days ago. To make it even more confusing my wife's notebook and my iphone work fine on the network in the bedroom. ...

Cisco VPN :: ASA 5510 - Android Connection No Longer Working
I have a Cisco ASA 5510 (with an AnyConnect Mobile License enabled) I used to be able to connect to the VPN using the AnyConnect app for Android form the Google App store (the phone is a Samsung Galaxy S II LTE, if that matters). Like I said everything used to work fine until a few weeks ago, the only change I made to the router was giving it a different external IP address (I changed ISP), I'm pretty sure it worked after that. But now when I try to connect with my Android I get this error: "Clientless (browser) SSL VPN access is not allowed". ...

Linksys Wireless Router :: Ea2700 Wifi Connection With Ps3?
i have a EA2700 router and I'm connectied wirelessly to my PS3.  If i am not hosting a game i will be lagging all over the place yet it says i have full connection to majority of games that i connect to. i paid 115 dollars for this router and am very dissapointed that its doing this.  Also no there is no way for me to connect wired to the router it is to far away.  Also i tried bringing my ps3 to my friends house and played on his wireless connection and it worked perfectly so its deffinetly my router. ...

Dell :: Driver For PCI Simple Communications Controller For Optiplex GX110?
I'm searching for a driver for the PCI Simple Communications Controller for an Dell Optiplex GX110 that is running Windows XP Home edition.
I have installed a Dynex data/fax/voice modem that supports Windows XP, but the system does not recognize it because of the drivers needed for the PCI controller. ...


Macro - If Cell In Column Is Blank Then Input Text Into Same Row In Another Column
I am looking for a Macro that will search a column for blank cells, and when one is found will add text to the same row in another column. For example: The below is a spreadsheet. I am trying to find something that will search through column "C" in this case and add text (of my choice) to Column "A" if the cell is Blank. So Since cell C1 is Blank then Type "ERROR" is cell A1.

1 X X X X
2 X X X X
3 X X X X X
4 X X X X
5 X X X X ...

Found Value In Quotes Not Matching Cell Value Without Quotes - VBA Excel
Attempting to match acct #s on source sheet with account numbers on Template but the numbers on the source are = to the cell value while the numbers on the template are equal to finding the source cell value in the template. Let me explain with code.

Set Source value:

Set FirstIO = zfir.Range("e8")
Set Template value:

Set CheckIO = Range("Accounts").Find(IO, LookIn:=xlValues)
When I get here:

If FirstIO = CheckIO.Value Then
I get a mismatch because
FirstIO = 3333333 and CheckIO = "3333333"

How do I make these 2 values Match? ...

Org Chart With Excel
Hello Excel Guru's. I have more of a question or seeking advise on a task I have at hand. I have one of two files to work with. One file has about 20 columns of data, about 1300 rows. The file is employee data, namely: The employee ID, Employee Name, the employee's supervisor ID and the employee's supervisors name (columns A, B, C and D). What I'm after a heirarchy of sorts. I've used visio to create an Org Chart but once the data has changed (supervisor is terminated or changes departments) you have to re-run the org chart and that can be time consuming.

I was hoping that someone out there might have done something with VBA or a pivot that can display the sheet in complete heirarchy format.

I do have a second file that contains the same employee list, but this one has supervisors listed in a more of a level. Level 1 would be the CEO, supervisors listed in level 2 would be the employees reporting to level 1. Employees listed under Level 3 report upto the supervisor in level 2, and so on. I have 6 levels. Level 6 is all employees that have no direct reports.

Again a pivot table is a nice start but what I have is many of the supervisors are found in both level 5 and level 4....and the CEO is in all levels. ...

Macro With Delete Row - No Longer Runs
This macro ran fine until I started using Offset on ranges to have them extend. The macro replaces "L" with blanks but does not go on to delete the rows. The name "Type" refers to =Offset(Mem05!$A$2,0,0, CountA(Mem05!$A$2:$A$270),10)

Relevant part of Macro
Application.Goto Reference:="Type"
Selection.Replace What:="L", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlWhole, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=True, SearchFormat:=False, _
On Error Resume Next


Is it using Offset that could be causing this error? ...

Finding And Calculating Highest Trending Item By Daily Sales?
I have a very large spreadsheet with daily sales for over 140 different items, over the past 2 years.

This is how my data looks like:

ITEM NAME 4/1/12 4/2/12 4/3/12 etc
item1 10 15 500
item2 5 0 3
item3 0 0 5

I'm trying to build a formula that allows me to see which item is the highest trending over a period of time I input.

I figured out the way how to select data between specific Start and End dates, but don't know how to interpret "trending" in a formula.

I was thinking maybe highest jump from beginning to end of interval, but what if it's a new item that was launched halfway through the interval and does poorly throughout, that would still be "trending" under that rationale.... ...