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Illustrator :: Change Default Color Mode (from RGB To HSB)?
how and if i can change the default color model in illustrator (in the color panel), which is RGB to something else ? (i think colors in HSB and it's a bit annoying changing that every time) i looked it up and couldn't find out. ...

Photoshop :: CS6 / Removing Empty Space From Screen Shot?
I am using Photoshop CS6 to prepare images for use in online Help and a print / pdf user guide for the company's newest software / Web app.  What do you do to remove blank space from a screen capture? I am specifically curious if you add some type of indicator that tells the user that the actual image will be larger. 

The first screen shot (left to right) is a typical screen shot that I've not edited.  In the second one, I've cut the bottom button bar and moved it up to reduce the white space in the image.  In the third image, I added a quick and dirty little "wave" to tell everyone that I've cut out some of the white space. ...

Lightroom :: How To Undo (Update DNG Preview And Metadata)
How can you undo the Photo menu option "Update DNG Preview & Metadata" in the Develop module?
I accidentally hit this at which point Lightroom added a "From Metadata" entry to the history for the file.  It also seemed to update the preview for the file (as seen with before / after).
I tried to undo the change, but all Lightroom did was remove history items ("From Metadata" remained at the top, all the edit sliders stayed the same (even though history was being removed) and the "before" image was permenantly changed.
Not even resetting the image from Library -> Photo -> Develop Settings -> Reset, then "Update DNG Preview & Metadata" worked.
Is the only way back from this operation to delete the DNG and reimport?  It's not as if Lightroom warns you that the operation cannot be undone as with the "Read Metadata from File" command.
 I'm using Lightroom 3.6 on Windows 7 SP 1. ...

AutoCAD LT :: Block Scale - Any Way To Adjust In Drawing
When I insert an xref it's to scale 12!; in my model space I have blocks scaled 0.0833 and others to 1 scale! this is weird, every time I insert a block I need to scaled it in the way to adjust it to my drawing. If my drawing it's supposed to be 1 scale. ...

AutoCAD Inventor :: Motor Windings For Small Centrifugal Pump?
I have been attempting to create  motor windings for a small centrifugal pump.I found these 2 pictures of windings created with Inventor but i was unable to view them as files.How are the copper wires formed to get the windings like in the pictures attached.

I could only manage the rim in the Inventor file and not the wires

It looks like a wire is created and then patterned but the looks like a 3D sketch is needed for wire and then circle pattern? ...


Xml - Reading Childelement To XElement In .NET?
I've been trying to read an XML-file using VB.NET and after some (see 2-3 hours) googling and reading I've headed in somewhat the right direction, however now I'm at a stop and I can't find any answers that makes any sense to me.

[Code]... ...

Socket.Receive Is Dropping The Last Byte Of Every Packet
I am having trouble with a socket client application written in using Visual Studio 2005. The client connects to a C language socket server that is running on OpenVMS. The problem that I have is that when the server sends a packet, the client does not receive the last byte (of every packet!). I can dump the packets on the network and the data is all there. My current solution is to keep my socket messages short (247 bytes) and send one extra byte past the end of my data.

I would like to include more information in my messages and I cannot find a way to make this work. If I knew 100% how long the packets will be on the network, I could work around this by including an extra byte in just the right places. However, I don't want to make any assumptions about the length of the packets.

Here is a sample of my client receive code:

Private Sub ReceiveMsg()
Dim nTotalBytes As Integer
Dim nNumBytes As Integer

[Code].... ...

VS 2010 Finding Strings Within Strings?
Is there an easy way to find a certain string within a string and then return the strings that you find as an array?I have written this:

Public Function FindStrings(ByVal strSourceString As String, ByVal strStartString As String, ByVal strEndString As String) As String()
Dim StringStartposition As Integer
Dim StringEndPosition As Integer
Dim Currentposition As Integer = 1

[Code]... ...

VS 2008 Change Form Title Bar Colour
How do you change the colour of the title bar? ...

Restrict Whats Pasted Into A Textbox?
Private Sub Recipient_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) Handles Recipient.KeyPress
If Char.IsLetter(e.KeyChar) Then[code]..... ...


IPhone :: IMessage Suddenly Won't Sign In On 4 And IPad 2
I cant find an iMessage or even just plain old iOS help section.Here's the thing. I have an iPhone 4 (16GB) and an iPad 2 (WiFi only 16GB) both running iOS 5.1Until last week all was fantastic, then I noticed that during an app purchase via App Store, Apple asked me for extra "security data" and the app purchase went fine.Since then however, my iMessages have not been received by ANY of my recipients. A couple of other iMessage users found they couldn't reach me by iMessage either.

I went into settings - messages - and found my iMessage was logged out. I re-enabled it and got a message that "my Apple ID had changed" and I was logged out again! I have checked and triple checked my Apple ID, have even reset it and checked the new one too.

I can make app purchases from the App Store, and can use home sharing for my music and videos so I KNOW my Apple ID is right. But for some reason every time I try to turn on iMessage it refuses my Apple ID and Password. My iPad2 is doing exactly the same and tells me to check my email as they've sent me a "verification link" but it never comes through. I have checked the email address and it's fine. All of my own emails come straight through. In fact I've just joined in here and the welcome email just came through on the same email account

Info:iPhone 4, iOS 5.1, Also iPad 2 on iOS 5.1 ...

Motorola Motoactv :: Coaching Is Repeating Itself?
I searched this forum and didn't see anything like this and I was wondering if anyone else is having this issueI set up the C25K as a series of interval workouts (which btw is tremendous pain using the workout planner) and recently the coaching prompts have been coming on to tell me my time etc as they should but as soon as it finishes it is starting again. Sometimes it will do it 3 or 4 times in a row. It is very distracting but I need the coaching on so I know when to change intervals ...

BB Curve :: Know Whether The Font/format Of A Signature Can Be Changed From Plain Text To Something More Exciting?
Anyone know whether the font/format of a signature can be changed from plain text to something more exciting, maybe even adding a pic or logo? ...

IPhone :: Transfer Photos From A Mini Sd Card To It?
How do I transfer photos from an mini sd card from my old phone to my iPhone? ...

BB Bold 9000 :: How To Get Itunes Video (m4v) Compatibility?
How can I get Itunes Downloaded Movies/TV Shows in an M4v file type to play on my Bold? ...

Windows 8

Windows 8 For HTPC - How To Make UI Bigger
I got my desktop to make it %300 bigger and it's a good size. Right now I have my metro UI as "Make everything bigger option" but it's still hard to read it on my 42 inch from 15 feet away. Anyway I can make the metro UI (windows 8 UI w/e) scale like the desktop? ...

Keys Are Not Working - Can't Type Password?
This is really random. The keys are messing up. They either won't work or type double. I can only presume it's a virus. I've tried to gain access to my password protected user account via my guest account but I can't type the password in because of the way it's messing up. I want to use windows defender to try to sort it out. ...

How To Snap PDF Window So It Doesn't Occupy Whole Screen
I recently got windows 8 and was wondering how I can snap a PDF that I'm looking at so that it occupies roughly 50% of the screen. This is so that I can compare and take notes from two pdf documents at a time (where the other pdf would be snapped on the other part of the screen like on windows 7). Thus far the closest I have gotten is this:

i.e. around 20% of the screen.I tried dragging the green part but this causes it to occupy the whole 90% of the screen. ...

Tablets :: Logitec N600 Touchpad Swipe For Charms
I bought one of these Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 Review | Everything USB It has a slide out touchpad and it is really really good as it is big -- BUT -- I can't get it to do the swipe from the edge thing to slide out the Charms bar (if that's what it is called) Of course I can use the keyboard to slide the bar out, but I'd like to be able to use the trackpad. The built in trackpad on the laptop does it, so I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the N600 to do that too. Or is it?

I have tried the "latest" software but that has made no difference.

how to make this happen or is there a better USB/WiFi trackpad I can get that does? ...

Windows Locked Hard Drive After Boot Failure
I have windows 8 installed on c drive and Linux mint installed on separate hard disk. Everything was working fine before I installed kubuntu from Linux mint. After installation I couldn't get into windows 8 because it was giving error message 0*c000000f. I tried to refresh Windows but no avail because windows has locked that drive and I couldn't access it. Than I decided to backup important files from windows 8 hard disk from Linux. I accessed windows 8 drive but three folders were missing "Windows" , "Users" and "Program Files(64)" other than that I can access all files and problem is all important data is in user folder.

Than I installed windows 8 on different partition still same thing cant access those three folders. Is there any possible way to simply access user folder? ...


Call Interface :: Only OCI V11 And Above Support Client Caching?
Our API supports Oracle 11.2g but uses OCI v8 yet.This means I cant activate client caching as a new feature ? We should update to OCIv11 ? ...

SQL & PL/SQL :: Primary Key Violation Error
In my application I am facing peculiar error. For easy understanding I am considering emp table. In my package P1 I have two procedures Proc1,Proc2.

Proc1 : It is receiving employee details and for checking if employee already exists it is calling Proc2.
Proc2 : Here it checks if employee exists. If exists it deletes old record, commit and inserts new record in sequence.

But however in few instances Proc2 is returning unique constraint (CONSTRAINT_NAME) violated. I am very much confused why this error is coming. ...

Backup & Recovery :: Rman Backup Restoration?
I got Saturday rman level 0 backup and sunday, monday, tuesday & Wednesday level 1 some issue and i have to restore the backup with minimum data loss. path for restoration of the backup. We can restore 1st level 0 backup, but how to apply others level 1 backup on that. ...

SQL & PL/SQL :: Connecting From Oracle To Excel To Copy Results In Cell Value
How can I connect excel from pl / sql to copy results from the query. I was trying with OLE2 but it is throwing error as "invlid Identifier". Then how to include OLE2 in oracle. ...

Server Administration :: Upgrading To 10g Or Higher
where I can download the software for upgrading to 10g or higher, but not 11g. I am not going to install 11g. Currently, I have 10g and I have Windows XP. I don't consider to install 11g. ...


Validation Form Mail On Godaddy Site?
I am attempting to create a form (with some text boxes with validation) that will be filled out by users that will be sent to my email account. I'm forced to use godaddy's form mailer but I'm having trouble including any validation. I can get it to work without my validation but I really need some sort of validation.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
[code]..... ...

Add Whitespace Between Letters?
Does PHP has a function to add whitespace between letters?Convert this "abc" to "a b c"? ...

Check Time Against System Time?
I have a script that has a date stamp like $datetime = "Jun 25 15:40:54"

How can i check this against the system time and only do stuff if its in the last 2 minutes?


if ($datetime "is in the last 2 minutes") {
do stuff;

Info: Its a linux server if that helps. ...

Drupal 6: Listing Taxonomy Vocabularies With Tagged Nodes Underneath
I want to create a page which list the Taxonomy vocabularies and then list the nodes(created/owned by himself only) with that vocabularies.

example out put:

Article 1 (Title,Body,CCK field 1,CCK field 2)
Article 2 (Title,Body,CCK field 1,CCK field 2)
Article 3 (Title,Body,CCK field 1,CCK field 2)


Podcast 1 (Title,Body,CCK field 3)
Podcast 2 (Title,Body,CCK field 3)
Podcast 3 (Title,Body,CCK field 3)

Here the fields associated with nodes may differ per vocabulary. for example vocabulary Article'll display nodes with four fields (Title,Body,CCK field 1,CCK field 2) and Podcast'll display nodes with three fields (Title,Body,CCK field 3) etc. ...

Error Printing
How I print the errors generated by a php page within the page.... ...