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Get Images To Display In A Rows?
i wanted to know how can i display the images like the on in the picture: i know that i have to retrive the images using a while loop, but then displaying them like this is the difficult bit, ...

Reading Xml From Http Post
I am been sent some xml data via http post to a php script and I am unable to get the script to out the data.

I have tried getting my script to loop through all available vars to see what it is that I am receiving but for some reason it comes up empty.

if(isset($HTTP_POST_VARS)) {
// there is something here cos I know the loop is being executed
//but the following code returns empty
foreach($HTTP_POST_VARS as $key=>$val)) {
echo $key."=".$val;

Ha snayone got any ideas on how I can output ALL data that is being posted to my script so I can see what I am getting? ...

OpenID (Like Stackoverflow) Requirements?
I've read a lot about openid in recent few days and found out it's not as easy on a standard web space.I've only follow available in the web space.

CGI Exec
PHP 5 (cURL Similar)
Apache 2
[code].......... ...

MIME And Sending Form Email To MYSQL Database List
The issue I am having occurs upon the receipt of the email message. I can get the MIME message to have either the picture and no text OR text OR just text with the HTML tags listed on it. I need it to have the image at the top (it is properly attached) and the html verbage. I have searched the MIME docs painfully and cannot find the errors in my code. Again, the issue is properly constructing the message so that it displays properly in an email client. Here is the short version of the code when viewed as "Source" from the browser window.

[code]... ...

Check Server Response In Javascript.
I want to check server response in javascript. For example I have a server A which will host the script. On excuting the script it will check if the server B is responding or not. If yest continue other wise redirect to server C. Is this possible with Javascript/Jquery? If not what could be a possible solution in PHP? ...


JQuery :: Highlight Active Href Fragment?
I'm using href fragments to 'jump' down the page. The links have a fixed position so they stay visible.

How can I highlight the active link? So when you click link2 and you jump to the blue section, how can I highlight the link2 text? ...

EVAL In Imacros For Firefox - Reload URL ?
I need to reload URL (in this case refresh same page) until I don't have word beginning with capitalized A, B or C.

I can't find the way to create loop inside EVAL. ...

RegExp Navigator.userAgent
Why is /MSIE (5.5)|[6789]/.test(navigator.userAgent) true
when navigator.userAgent == "Opera/7.0 (Windows 2000; U) [en]" ? ...

JQuery :: FF And Webkit Executing As Intended / IE Displaying Error And Returning 'NaN
For a webpage displaying test results I have written jQuery in order to display the points scored as percentage of the maximum, and animated bars that expand and display different colours depending on the result.FF and Webkit display this without any problem, but IE somehow does not like it. First it displays the values as intended, but after clicking away the error message, I'm left with "NaN".. ...

Get Div Height From Another File?
first i have a about_us.php page.. which inside the about_us page i include right banner page.. using php include..

and this right banner page height must be the same height as the about_us page..
so i need using js to get the actually about_us page height and send to right_banner page so i can process it..

my logic are get the div height from about_us page.. send it to right_banner page.. and using php to process it,so the right banner height can be similar to about_us page when about_us page open by user..

about_us.php i using div input all the stuff
<div class="mainarticel">text goes here


but this cannot get the div from another file.. so how can i get the div height from another file? ...


AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Define Negative Data For Profile?
I'd want to define an initial element that begins with a negative value, also I'd want to use a value out of the limits. ...

Photoshop :: Get CS To Show Epson 3200 Scanner In List Under File Import?
How do I get AdobeĀ  Photoshop CS to show my Epson 3200 ScannerĀ  in the list under File Import? ...

Photoshop :: CS3 Freezing As Attempt To Open A File / Using XP Home Edition
This happens repeatedly as I open the program and attempt to open a file. The "open file" dialog box flashes for a split second then disappears and the Photoshop program freezes up. ...

Photoshop :: How To Add Text To One Frame When Making GIF
Yau know add text to a gif that has people talking to each other so you can see the dialogue. ...

Illustrator :: Change Black To White?
I think I can acomplish this with the gradient tool but it isn't cooperating. Basically, I've got a simple design of two men standing against a wall, and they are both traced in black. I am looking to flip flop the colors by making the background black and the traced men to be white vice versa. ...