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Way To Position A Dynamically Created <div> Inside A Specific ParentNode
Is there a way to position a dynamically created <div> inside a specific parentNode?

For example, if in my html code I have

<div id="test"></div>

When I create my dynamic <div>, can I created it to be within the above div? Or must it always be appended to the end? ...

Select.remove(i) Doesn't Work Properly
the remove(i) doesn't remove the option[i] but works unexpectedly and removes the first 4 to delete the selected index only? ...

Refresh Parent Page
I'm unsure if this is a php or javascript problem as I am new to javacript...

I am using a javascript:popup('page.php') command to open a popup box and allow the user to make a few changes to a mysql database. However the values that are changed are displayed on the parent page (the one that the user clicks the popup link on).

Is there a way to refresh the parent page from the popup, so when they submit the form in the popup the parent automatically refreshes with the new values (rather than the user having to manually refresh the page)? ...

Way To Make A Scrollbar
I have a Java script chat,

How would I make a scroll bar for it?

Does any one have any code for that? or do you know what I have to do? ...

Random Background Image Not Working?
I placed this code in an external js file. Nothing happens. What do I need to change?

varrandomPic = new Array();
randomPic[0] = "images/home/binoculars.jpg";
randomPic[1] = "images/home/conductor.jpg";
randomPic[2] = "images/home/dandelion.jpg";

[Code].... ...


AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Adding A Sub-assembly To An Assembly?
I have a finished corridor, but now I need to add marked points to label a few key grade breaks in my cross sections.  When I attempt to add the marked points on some of my sub-assemblies it gives me the error that the sub-assembly is not part of the assembly.  I can right click the sub-assemly and choose "Add to Assembly" but when I rebuild the corridor it strips all the sub-assembly data from my assembly and leaves me with essentially a null assembly for the range. ...

CorelDRAW X6 :: Changing Origin In X6
Changing the " Origin " on guidelines. The default is to have the point of origin at the bottom left of ones page. I want to be able to change that and keep it as a default so that my point of origin is at the top left corner of my page. ...

AutoCAD LT :: Layers Won't Delete
I have ACAD LT 2002 and when I go into layer control and try to delete layers that I no longer need, it wont let me.So I turn all of these layers on (and all others off) and delete everything visable, purge all complete and they still are there.

How do I get rid of unwanted layers that acad wont let me delete? ...

AutoCad :: Quickcad Conversion To DWG Or DWF File
How to convert a .cad (from quickcad i think) file to a .dwg, .dwf, or anything else I can view? ...

Photoshop Elements :: Won't Open RAW Photo Files From Nikon D5200
Elements 11 wont open the RAW photo files from my Nikon D5200.   This is listed as a supported camera ??? ...


Android :: Sql Query - Remove Duplicates From Database
I wanted to remove duplicates from the database. In my db duplication can be defined by combination of multiple columns. For example :............ ...

Android : Does ScaleType="fitCenter" Only Work With Fix Layout_width
I use Layout_width="fill_parent" and Layout_height="wrap content". If an image is bigger than the ImageView, it will be downscaled perfectly.

However, I never got it working to upscale smaller images. I tried any combination of ScaleType and "AdjustViewBounds": it always stays in its own size in the middle of the image view. Here is the code...

</LinearLayout> ...

Sprint HTC Hero :: DirecTv NFL SuperFan Supercast
DirectTV NFL SuperFan now available for Android - Android and Me

you can download it in market ...

Android :: Keeping Outlook Contacts In Sync With Gmail
Is there any way to keep my Outlook contacts in sync with Gmail's (and thereby my Android's)?

I've just tried Go Contact Sync, no luck.


Is there a proper sync suite out there? I've purchased Mark/Space's Missing Sync - it's not working at all. The new HTC Sync 3.0 for 2.2 Android is not working either. ...

General :: HBO GO Update For 4.3?
Updated version that works on 4.3? I can't update to 4.3 because I use this app so much. SCH-I545 ...


Nokia :: Effective Screen Protection For 5530
has anyone found an effective screen protector for their touchscreen? The original nokia film that came with my 5530 is pretty scratched up and so i decided to buy one off ebay.

Baaaad choice! There is just no way of putting it on the phone without any air bubbles and even then you have to make a custom cut around the sensor, so as not to block it. Even after i managed to do that, there was a small piece of tape sticking to the film, which you're suppose to remove after stickin it to the screen. That tape left such a horrible mark on the film that i just ripped the film out.I was just wondering if anybody bought a cover that works or managed to apply it without the air bubbles? I'm afraid to buy one of those leather casings with a plastic screen as I've read that some users have problems with their sensor because of that. ...

Nokia :: Empty Phone Browser When Using PC Suite
I have recently installed Nokia PC Suite v6.86.9.3 for use with my Nokia N95 8GB. I have also updated the firmware on my phone to version 20.0.016 so I should have all the latest versions.Everything installed ok and i opened PC Suite as normwal. I can see my received messages in the bottom left corner of the Nokia PC Suite main screen but when I click on the envelope icon to create or send message it opens My Computer and nothing happens. The same problem occurs when I click on File manager or Contacts.I have noticed in My Computer that I now have the Nokia Phone Browser. If I open this I can click on the icons positioned to the left of the window to create a new contact, create a new text message or refresh the folder, however the folder itself is empty.I have read in the help files that you should be able to browse contact information & text messages along with the phone memory and memory card, but I'm getting no where. ...

IPhone :: Is There An App That Links To Bank Account?
Is there an app where I can connect my phone to my bank account? (I'm with bank of Montreal). I want to be able to see what myaccount balance is etc ...

Nokia N95 :: No Warranty So No Chance Of Debranding It?
I have a refurbished N95, any change I can debrand it? I have no warranty so no chance of debranding it. ...

Nokia :: 5800 / From RM-356 To RM-428
I bought my Nokia 5800 last september at Nokia Store in Chicago. I live in Costa Rica, so I asked the sales person if the phone will work in CR, she looked into a computer and she said, yes. The phone works excelent in GSM, but selecting UTMS results in no connection being established at all, I see the 3G sign and that's it, no strength bars.Software version: 31.031013216.05, RM-356.I called the phone company and they said that I need switch from RM-356 to RM-428. Is this possible? ...


Not Able To Upload Order Number Generated From The Site To Paypal.
I am using PyPal , and upload cart while the user check-out. i am able to upload the cart items, and all other information succesfully. PHP Code:

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_cart">
<input type="hidden" name="upload" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="business" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="item_name_1" value="Terminator III DVD">
<input type="hidden" name="amount_1" value="1.00">

but not able to upload order number generated from the site to paypal. is there anyway? ...

Retreive The Data From The Text File
I get the data as a plain text iinto my php file. I have some images in the text file, so how I should make it look good (layoput)and show the images too. ...

Insert Values - Table Has Four Columns To Insert Into
I have a bunch of information that I want to insert into a table

insert into TABLE values ('hello','I','am','lost');

pretend that the words that are being inserted are coming from a form for another page. In he case I above I have declared that the table has four columns to insert into. What if I do not know how many columns there are? ...

Objects Including Other Objects And Don't Want To Make Multiple Instances Of The Same DB Object?
I think the title is right but please correct me if It is mis-leading.

The problem:I have a class which wants to use the DB class, now instead of having to "global $db;" in every method I wish to use the DB object I want to be able to place the object reference in my class properties.

Still following? OK here goes:

class user
private $id = 0;
private $name = NULL;
private $password = NULL;
private $db;


edit:Just to make sure I'm clear I do not want to make multiple instances of the same DB object.At least I believe this to be a good practice ^,^ ...

Difference Between Function And &function?
function fun1();
function &fun1();

What is the difference between these?? ...


How Remote Client Connect To Server Which Reside In Server At Localhost
How remote client connect to the Mysql server which is reside in server at local host ? ...

Trigger - Result Consisted Of More Than One Row?
I have 3 tables:


id_module | name
1 users
2 roles


id_profile | name
1 admin
2 promoter

And Permission

id | id_profile | id_module | read | write | modify | delete

What I want is a trigger is to fill the table permission every time I insert a new module ... but for every existing profile.


INSERT INTO `module` (`name`) VALUES

Existing profiles admin and promoter permission table would be filled this way:

id | id_profile | id_module | read | write | modify | delete
1 1 1 0 0 0 0
2 1 2 0 0 0 0
3 2 1 0 0 0 0
4 2 2 0 0 0 0

For this, I created the following trigger:

CREATE TRIGGER `create_permission` AFTER INSERT ON `module`


It works well when there is a profile ... when more than one when I return "Result consisted of more than one row"

I read that this problem arises when you declare a variable that supports a single value... You can insert records for each id of the table profile? ...

Display Friends Of A User On Their Profile
For my friend system usernames are stored in a table (f_username) along with the username of the friend (f_friend_username).

Im trying to display the friends of a user on their profile but the users username can be in either the f_username column or the f_friend_username column.

So i have this query but it returns the same result twice. Is there a better way around this? I thought about a conditional ON statement but don't know if it's possible.

[Code].... ...

Pulling Information From Two Tables Using LIKE
I'm working in PHP and MySQL. I've done plenty of things like it before and this isn't working. Customer will type in something like "88 brake pads". I want to return all the parts that say "brake" all the parts that say "pads" and all the parts that have the year 88. My issue here is, the years and the parts are in different tables. Example:

Years Table

ID | part_id | year |
1 | 15 | 1945 |
2 | 15 | 1946 |
3 | 16 | 1984 |
4 | 18 | 1987 |

Parts Table

ID | part_name |
15 | brakes |
16 | hose |
17 | crank |
18 | muffler |

This SQL Works, when pulling out of parts table

SELECT DISTINCT * FROM hj_parts WHERE part_name LIKE "%brakes"

I will get the output

ID | part_name |
15 | brakes |

So what I need is if someone enters "brakes 87" I want to get back all the info for part 15 (brakes) and part 18 (because it's from 1987).I am so totally lost. I've done something like this to pull out all the parts from a certain year, and I thought I could just tweak it, and it's not working.

$query = "SELECT hj_parts.* FROM hj_parts JOIN(SELECT DISTINCT part_id FROM hj_years WHERE (year BETWEEN $starter AND $ender) OR (year='all')) hj_years ON = hj_years.part_id"; ...

Encrypted Password Is Different Then Cookie Code?
The basic premise of the functions is to check a user inputed name and password. These are then crypted and set as a cookie that will control later things. The problem i am having is inside the verify() function. The error says that i am trying to use a invalid resource.

The other problem i am having is with the crypt function. The way that works is that it uses the username as the salt for the password encryption. this is very basic, and only one way, as i am very new to these encryption concepts. The problem is that the encrypted PW that is put into the DB is different than the one shown when i print_r($_COOKIE) in my code. ...