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Windows 8

Network / Sharing :: Can't Turn On Libraries And Devices Content?
I can't share anything in home group. I have already walked through this "how to" HomeGroup problems in Windows - Microsoft Windows

It seams for me that nothing is wrong here except one thing. I can't turn on libraries and devices content. After closing window previously "shared" settings automatically are back to "not shared". And this strange behavior is on both PC. I have tried several times turn on sharing from control panel and from metro PC settings, but useless. ...

AMD Driver Won't Install
I just uninstall my AMD because it keeps crashing when I start a game that use it. But after that, I can't re-install AMD 7450/7650 graphic driver that was supplied by Dell for my laptop. I install it with custom installation and only check the AMD Display Driver and Catalyst Control Center. The CCC installed fine, but not with the display driver. On installation, it just kind of skipping 70% of the progress bar and I would get the "installation complete - warnings occurred during installation"

I can still see the old driver which is AMD 6600M and 6700M series in device manager. Whenever I tried to open CCC, it shows "AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using AMD CCC." Now I'm stuck using integrated Intel HD Graphic 3000.

My laptop is Dell Inspiron N4110
Windows 8 Pro
Intel Core i5 2410 @2.3GHz x64bit ...

Windows 8.1 On Samsung Series 7 Ultra
I recently upgraded my Samsung Series 7 Ultra to the Windows 8.1 preview to check out it's new offerings. It's ok I suppose. Some positives and some negatives. Anyway on to my point:

So with the update came some unwanted changes. It seems to have disabled most of my func keys on the top row of my keyboard. Also, it now no longer saves my touchpad settings. They are reset to default everytime the system is rebooted.

I'm guessing this has to do with the Samsung software that controls these features not yet upated or ready to run on 8.1. ...

Front USB Ports Not Detected By Windows 8 Pro Until Rebooted
Need to rebooted everytime after I had started windows 8 Pro. What happened on my Wins 8 pro. ...

Network / Sharing :: Tap Windows Adapters - Keeps Increasing And Decreasing Automatically
There are too many tap windows adapters and tap win32 adapters in my network and sharing centre> network adapter. it keeps increasing and decreasing automatically. but i only need ethernet to connect to my broadband. how to get rid of these? ...

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