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RAC/ASM Clusterware Installation :: Oracle RAC Private Connection Fail
I would like to know that when the private network in oracle rac down, which is the preferable node in the cluster (cluster of 2 nodes) to takeover the cluster.

Can I set/get the failover policy to point to one node in the cluster? ...

SQL & PL/SQL :: Disconnect User Who Are Blocking Sessions
I have an assignment, i am suppose to disconnect all the users that are blocking sessions for over three hours. Below is my code which is not working

Create or replace procedure b_user IS
ssid number;
serial number;
[code]...... ...

Data Guard :: Getting Standby Host And DB Name From Primary
I'd like to know the Standby hostname and database name (db_unique_name) from primary using SQL. Simply put, which table in primary datbase gives us the standby host and the database name. I am aware that TNSNAMES.ORA contains details, but we cannot use SQL for that. I am also aware of V$ARCHIVED_LOG's DEST_ID column. But, the DEST_ID will not show the host and the db names, neither does V$PARAMETER's LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n if SERVICE parameter is set to Connect Identifier.

If I further paraphrase my problem, how I'd relate a dest_id to a standby host and database using SQL.

SELECT <columns> FROM <v$some_view> WHERE dest_id IN (2, 3);

2            host2           standby_1
3            host3           standby_2DB version : 10g
OS : Solaris 10 ...

PL/SQL :: Differences Between Calling SQL Statement / Procedure?
I am planing to write the web-application which use Oracle DB 11g.I would like to understand what are the differences (specially, performance issues, steps of execution, optimizer possibilities) between calling SQL statements and PL/SQL procedures/functions. Which approach is more appropriate, and why?

a) WebApp->Call("select * from employees where department_id = ?", 10) ;

b) WebApp->Call("? := mypackage.get_emp(?)", refCursor, 10);

create package mypackage is
function get_emp(dep_id in number) return sys_refcursor is
    open cur for select * from employees where department_id = dep_id;   
Requirements: High-concurrency, 100+ db sessions, DB will not be used for business-logic. ...

Error Splitting Partition On IOT Table trying to learn the syntax. I have not worked with IOTs and I am exploring a feature I have not really used to try to learn something new. I know about intervals.This exact split syntax below, works on a heap table without errors. When I run the following split against a regular heap table it works.

myfield1 varchar2(50),
myfield2 varchar2(50),
myfield3 varchar2(50),

alter table MYTABLE split partition "FUTURE" at ( to_date('09_MAY_2013_13','DD_MON_YYYY_HH24' ) ) into ( partition "B4_09_MAY_2013_13", partition "FUTURE" ) update global indexes
ERROR at line 1: ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected BINARY got NUMBER ...


Recursive Function
I'm having trouble with a recursive function.

The function is supposed to identify nested folders in a hierarchical
folder structure.

The function "searchForFolders()" is supposed to traverse sibling
nodes in each iteration, and for each sibling node, it calls itself
again, to see if there are child nodes of the current sibling.

The code below contains the function in question. For simplicity's
sake, I have replaced the images with text characters. It doesn't
look as good, but you should be able to see how the nesting works.
When you click on a "Folder", you will get debug text on the RHS of
the screen.

You will see there is an XML hierarchy. That is parsed by another
function in the page to write out the hierarchy. That is working
fine. The only functions that I am having trouble with are
"searchForFolders()" and "hideShowFolder()". Code: ...

Syntax For Variables Within A Namespace
var BN = {
foo: function() {
alert("hello world");
z: function() {
alert("hello world");

I would like to add a member moo to BN whose definition is

var moo = {"a":"A","b","B"};

How do I do it? ...

Slideshow - Next / Previous Buttons Skipping Slides
I've been working on a Javascript slideshow and have it working except for one problem that when the "next" or "previous" button is clicked for the first time, it skips the following slide. As a bit of a background, my client wants the slideshow to load a random slide when the window is opened, and also play the slideshow in a random order. However, when the "next" or "previous" button is clicked, it is meant to go to the correct sequential slide. For example, if it randomly loaded on slide 5 it should go to slide 6 if "next" is clicked and slide 4 if "previous" is clicked.

If nothing is clicked it will just go to another random slide. Once a button is clicked the client wants the slideshow to stop. I have all of this working, except when the "next" or "previous" buttons are first clicked, one slide is skipped. After clicking the buttons for a second time, it works fine. For example, if it starts on 5 and the "next" button is clicked it goes to 7 instead of 6. However, if it is clicked again, it works fine. The same is true for the "previous" button, altough it does not go to the incorrect slide but takes two clicks to go to the previous, correct slide. You can see what I'm talking about here: [URL]

My code is below.
var SlideShowSpeed = 6000;
var CrossFadeDuration = 20;
var Picture = new Array();
var Description= new Array();
var Header= new Array(); ..... ...

Default The Cursor Inside The Search Field?
My users are requesting that when they goto my search page, that the cursor already be blinking in the keyword field. Currently you have to click in there with your mouse. Is there an easy way to do this with PHP or even HTML? ...

Dynamically Add Rows To Table?
I want this script to say "Your roster is empty" after names have been added using the submit button and then removed via the remove button.

Been staring at this for two hours now.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="">

[Code].... ...


Find A Certain String Within Listbox?
I have a list box with groups of people and is displayed as such:

Paul Mary John
Frank Steve Bill
Jacob Dan Spongebob
and so on...

If i use the code below i can find and auto highlight Paul, Frank, Jacob but never finds anyone after the first like Mary, or Bill.

Dim findperson As String
findperson = CStr(TextBox1.Text)
ListBox1.SelectedIndex = ListBox1.FindString(findperson)

Essentially it is for quick reference for people to find who will be in their groups. ...

DB/Reporting :: Link Data In A Datagridview To Textboxes?
How do I put a large amount of data (we are talking of a datatable with probably 50 columns and maybe 500 rows) from the access database that is bound to a datagridview in my program into textboxes depending on the row of the datagridview row I am clicking on.

What I have in the access database is countries and companies that are attached to several different dates to each company. these dates are supposed to be filled into the textboxes automatically when I click on the company row in the datagridview and also when i fill in a date in the textboxes it is to be written to the access database when I save the update.

I have used the below load code to fill my datagridview. Is there another way or can I use this?

Private Sub MainForm_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
End Sub ...

How To Sent Project By Email
how do i send an application built with vb 2008 together with its project files by email??(do i have to upload all those files i find when i open the project folder or not)? ...

Always Display A Control On The Curently Active Tab Of A TabControl?
I have a tab control with two tabs. Both tabs have controls which are unique to them, but there is one control which I would like to always appear on whichever tab is currently active. I figure I just need to add some code to TabControl1_SelectedIndexChanged(). I tried

MyControl.Parent = TabControl1.TabPages(
MyControl.Parent.Update() ' is this necessary?

[code].... ...

How To Put Array Into Game
How to put an array into a game to make you sprite shoot more than one bullet without the first bullet stopping to let the other one go???? ...