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Call Events From A Single Function?
I´m trying to call both events "onMouseOver" and "onMouseOut" from a single function, but I just can´t seem to make it work.

Here´s an example:

JavaScript -

// Funcao teste
function teste()
onLoad = onMouseOut.images[0].src='../img/teste_menu.jpg'
onLoad = onMouseOver.images[0].src='../img/teste_menu_on.jpg'

<a href=# onclick="sigem(&#3911;');" javascript:teste();><imgsrc="../img/teste_menu.jpg" width="100" height="20"></a>"; ...

HTML Forms And Client-side Validation W/ Server Data?
I know that Javascript is client side, but I'd like to know the best way to populate HTML drop downs in real time based on information typed in the other HTML form fields with information found on the server as opposed to the client.For instance if a user wants to select certain files located in a directory on the server, as they type in the pathname supposedly containing the files the drop downs continually refresh themselves with the server files listed in that directory (if it exists, and apache has permissions to see what's inside) as if it was showing client files instead.

What would be nice is if my browser could continually query the server for some of its private information and not have to refresh itself to obtain it, whether that means the server-side would have to continually refresh itself makes no difference to me as long as the client-side doesn't have to. But I guess this is not possible because no matter what you would have to at least refresh the client-side page once?Submitting the form to a CGI or PHP script would not work because I need this functionality to help populate the form BEFORE I send it.I would like to not have to press a button to update the form every time I change the pathname and need to update the drop downs since this would be annoying. ...

Select A Value For Dropdown Box Based On An If Statement?
I would like to populate a third combo box with Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc up to Week 52 if a user clicks on the first combo box and selects Beacon Isle Resort for example.

If the user clicks on the first combo box and selects Ezulwini Sun however then I would like to populate the third combo box with Flexi Midweek, Flexi Weekend and Flexi Week etc.

I need to be able to populate either the Week 1, Week 2 etc or the Flexi Midweek, Flexi Weekend etc datasets into combo box 3 based on the resort chosen in the first combo box. I can predefine which resort will get which dataset but I just need to know the code to do this. code... ...

IE Changing An Onclick Event Dynamically
The following is a very simple example of what I want to do take an
elements oncontextmenu and changing it dynamically onclick of that
same element. The code below will fail unless you change the line

document.getElementById('div1').setAttribute('onco ntextmenu',


document.getElementById('div1').setAttribute('onco ntextmenu',
function(){alert('World World');return false;});

............ ...

Storing A Cookie For Font-size
I am trying to write a Javascript that sets and checks a cookie based on font-size buttons that increase and decrease the font-size in a certain div. The increase and decrease of the font in the right div works fine, the cookie doesn't seem to be working. Attached is my code.

function getCookie(fontSize_Cookie)

[Code]...... ...


General :: Programmatically Set (Vibrate And Ring)
How to programatically set the "Vibrate and ring" option in ICS and JB? It's not found in the Audio Manager class and all other vibrate options are deprecated. ...

Samsung Captivate : USB Icon Remains In Notification Bar
After unplugging my phone from usb charge, the usb icon in notification bar never goes away? When I pull the bar down it says usb connected when it clearly is not. Not sure why this is happening. ...

General :: Capture Frame From RTSP Streaming
I am developing a application detect thief via ip camera.I watched successfully camera via rtsp on surface view, but I have a problem "how can I detect color in around center of surface view". In this case, If someone wear red T-shirt appear in front of camera, this app will notify that is red color.

I try to use mediametadataretriver with getFrameAt() method but fail, this method work well with mp4 local video.

How to capture frame from rtsp streaming on surface view? ...

Motorola Droid :: Email Notifications Stays On Phone
I have a Droid (froyo, not rooted) on Verizon, and I use it to access 5 email accounts (yes, all are necessary). Two accounts are through Gmail, and the rest are non-google accounts using IMAP.Here's the issue: I use multiple devices to check my email, but when an email has been read on another device, the Droid notification stays on the phone. Basically my Droid shows email notifications every time I turn the screen on, even if all the mail has already been read somewhere else. Is there any way to set up the Droid so that the notifications are removed once emails have been marked as Read on the server? I don't think there is any stock functionailty for this, but was wondering if anyone can lead me in the right direction (maybe an app?) It may seem silly for some of you, but this prevents me from having to clear my notifications every time I'm about to get up from my desk, otherwise I never know if the notification on my phone is for new email or old email, and I'm on my phone all the time trying to figure that out so I don't miss something important. ...

Motorola Droid X :: Email Sounds Won't Stick W/ Zedge App
I have downloaded a bunch of email notification tones from Zedge to use with my email, I got into the settings, set the right tone to be used, then go out of the settings. The problem is that if I go back into the settings it defaults back to the "Droid" tone and does not keep the one I want. ...


Lenovo Y560 0646 Unable To Connect To Internet
I'm running a Lenovo Y560 0646 which appears to have been upgraded by he previous owner. I've owned it for just a little over a month now and it has functioned admirably. The Network card is an Atheros Ar9285 Wireless Network Adaptor. It is my belief that the card may actually be integrated directly into the motherboard, but I'm not entirely sure of that.Recently, though, the clumsy wielding of a cable led to the destruction of the screen. I had to wait until my upcoming paycheck before ordering a new one and so continued to use the laptop through the use of an external flat screen monitor. During this period my internet worked flawlessly. However, a problem occurred when it came time to take out the cracked monitor to write down the model number for ordering.I've dealt with internal electronics before, so I knew to be delicate. I removed the broken screen, took down the information and then reattached it. However, once I booted up, I came to find that my computer could not connect to any network. I broke down the case, and made sure all wires were connected, and they were. I attempted to attach my computer directly to the modem, only to have that more or less fail.

I've followed several online tips in hopes of finding a solution but all has failed. My router is functioning properly, as I can still connect with my other wireless and wired devices. Windows device manager claims my wireless card and driver are functioning properly. I've completely uninstalled and reinstalled it a couple of times to no effect. I've run Ipconfig and it says the Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection are media disconnected and under connection it says "Specific DNS Suffix". I'm at wits end here. I've tried the winsock fix and the IPv4 and 6 fixes. ...

Linksys Wireless Router :: EA3500-NP / Network Printer Install Not Working
Just purchased new N750 model EA3500-NP and everything went ok until I tried to get my HP Laser Jet P2035n online. No go! It worked fine on the D-Link via Ethernet connection. ...

Trace A Device Using Ip Address?
Is there any way to trace a device using Ip address? ...

Cisco Routers :: WRV200 VPN Router And IPad Connection For Nas Access
is it possible to make a VPN Connection with my Ipad and a WRV200 Vpn Router ?? The WRV200 is in my Company and i can start a VPN Connection with my Laptop. So this works. But is it also possible with my Ipad, so that i can get access to my NAS (Which is in my Company also)?? ...

Cisco WAN :: C7200-IK9SU2-M / QoS Traffic Shaping Not Working (but Policing Does Work)
I have lots of PPPoE users that get Virtual Access interfaces created upon login based on a virtual template. I need to traffic shape them. I know how to get it to work on an individual basis, because the policing within a service policy works fine. As soon as i change it to shaping it leaves things wide open.I really dont care how it gets done, I just need to be able to specify a speed to be traffic shaped and apply that to a virtual template. I need to limit speeds on the download and upload, i understand that the upload i will use the policing, but the download i need it to smooth out the flow and be traffic shaped, not policed.
Here is my Policies and classes:

policy-map CHILD class class-default  bandwidth 1650policy-map PARENT class class-default  shape average 1650000  service-policy CHILD****
Here is my Virtual Template:
interface Virtual-Template8 description pppoe-auth-FTTH ip unnumbered FastEthernet0/0 ip access-group subs-in-FTTH in ip mtu 1493 timeout absolute 6120 0 peer default ip address pool FTTH-POOL ppp authentication pap pppoe-auth ppp authorization pppoe-auth ppp timeout idle 84600 service-policy output PARENT

The results i am getting is unrestrcited throughput, i am seeing about 40mb of throughput when the target is to limit to 1.65MB. As you can see from the output the PARENT class is seeing 279116 packets, but the shaper only saw 59. In all the examples i see on the internet these two numbers should be the same. Why is the shaper not acting on all the traffic crossing that class/policy?
Cisco IOS Software, 7200 Software (C7200-IK9SU2-M), Version 12.4(12), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) ...


Forms :: How To Create Multilingual Form
My requirement is to create Multilingual form. Its very urgent. In fact if i want to make it work in 2 languages. English and Chinese. ...

Backup & Recovery :: Restore From Newer Control File And Archived Redo Log Files?
I've got a legacy SAP system with oracle 8i on Tru64. No changes at all are made but for legal reasons we have to keep it up and running.

we currently do a full backup monthly by shutting down oracle and doing a backup of all the files to tape and that takes around 12 hours.

If I stop doing the full backup and I only backup the control file and the archived redo log files every month and I had to restore the full database years from now, would I be able to restore the database using the last full monthly backup and use the latest control file and archived redo log files? ...

Forms :: How To Generate Excel File
I want to gerate the excel(Office 2010)file using oracle forms 6i. How we can achieve this with forms 6i? ...

Windows :: Installation Process Trying To Create Database On System
I'm trying to install Oracle10g in win7 Home premium. It is installing but problem is when installation process trying to create database on the system, a message is appearing which telling that ORA-12546:TNS:permission denied. ...

Insert Or Update On A Table
i have 2 identical tables....the trick is with regards to one column say column A,the first table TableA is constantly having data inserted and data updated, what im trying to do is create a before insert or update trigger that looks at column A and if column A=20 it changes this to 5 and inserts this into the tableB, everything else with the exception of Column A will be the same:-

this trigger i have done works but doesnt change the value of column A (INPUT_NADI) as i dont know how to do this:-

[code].... ...