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AutoCAD Inventor :: Parts Not Selecting For Parts List
I have a .idw that I'm trying to make a parts list on.  I select parts list and highlight everything.  There are two screws that are not showing up on the parts list.  I cannot select them manually either.  It's acting like they are not there.  Even if I do a complete parts list (adding the assemblies parts into one big list), they still don't show up.

How can I select these parts?  What is wrong with them that they do not show up in the parts list? ...

Lightroom :: Auto-stack By Capture Time Not Correct?
I have 28 photographs taken sequentialy but not at same intervals; they are part of a collection. I proceed to select all of them and choose "Stacking-Auto stack by capture time..." from the context menu and choose time between stacks as 0:01:00 (one minute)
However I find the capture time of photos in any one stack exceed 1 minute!!  For instance, these are the capture times of photos in a single stack:
8:19:12PM, 8:19:25PM, 8:19:43PM, 8:20:24PM, 8:21:19PM, 8:21:45PM
We can clearly see that the capture times between members of this stack are not within 1 minute. ...

Photoshop :: How To Open Raw Photos From A Nikon D5100 In 4
I am trying to open raw photos from a Nikon D5100 in PS4. Cannot do it. I am told I need PS5. Must I purchase the PS upgrade (about $179) to CS5 or can I open the NEFs without additional purchase? If I need to purchase an upgrade, what exactly do I need to buy in order to view the images in PS and ACR? ...

Photoshop :: CS5 - Transform Tool - Get Error?
In CS5 if I choose the either the Transform or Free Transform tools (having created a new layer for the image) I get an error message saying ‘could not transform because the initial bounding rectangle is empty’.

I’ve used the Transform tool successfully in the past and have checked through the Adobe instructions carefully (there isn’t much to them really) and I cannot see what’s wrong. ...

Edge Animate CC :: Amazing Web Banners Under 40kb?
I'm working under a 40kb limitation with my current web banners and animated gif's. But I was thinking of utilizing adobe edge to create better motion and and overall graphics, but wasn't sure of its output size. Can I create amazing web banners with Adobe Edge and keep it under 40kb? ...


SELECT From Different Tables With A Common ID
Simple question.

I have Two Tables, independent, different in all, with only one common column. We call it ID_Client. I don't have to modify these tables but I want to merge them and make on this a Select Query.

Table A

Col_ID |Col 1 |Col 2 |Col 3 |
40302025 |50 | 60 | 70 |
40302028 |50 | 60 | 70 |
40302030 |50 | 60 | 70 |
40302055 |50 | 60 | 70 |
40302074 |50 | 60 | 70 |

Table B

Col_ID |Col X |Col Y |Col Z |
40302025 |ABC | CDE | 7ASE |
40302028 |ABC | CDE | 7ASE |
40302030 |ABC | CDE | 7ASE |
40302055 |ABC | CDE | 7ASE |
40302074 |ABC | CDE | 7ASE |

Table results

Col_ID |Col X |Col Y |Col Z |Col 1 |Col 2 |Col 3 |
40302055 |ABC | CDE | 7ASE |50 | 60 | 70 |
40302074 |ABC | CDE | 7ASE |50 | 60 | 70 |

I have to query (like "Order", "Limit" and so on) so that the first table is dependent on the second and vice versa.

Example: I want to sort the column 2 of Table A, based on the X column of Table B where ID> 40302030
Example 2: I want to select column 3 of Table A and column B of Table X where ID> 40302030

I do not want the query to solve these examples, but I want to understand what function should I use. I tried UNION, UNION ALL, JOIN but maybe I did not understand the optics of use. It sounds like "I want to merge two table in one and then I make the query like SELECT, ORDER BY, WHERE etc. ...

Left Joining Hour Of Day Table To Existing Query?
I have a query that currently works - It pulls data from a database, adds it up and groups by hour. Here is the query.

$chartquery = mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT puid) AS tpvis, SUM(IF(offerid > '0',1,NULL)) AS tppass, COUNT(IF(rev > '0',1,NULL)) AS convct, SUM(rev) AS totrev, HOUR(FROM_UNIXTIME(tstamp)) AS hour, AS siteid, baseurl FROM sites, useragents, ips, actions WHERE AND useragentid = AND AND bot < 1 AND ipbot < 1 AND tstamp > '$sdate' AND tstamp < '$edate' GROUP BY baseurlid, HOUR(FROM_UNIXTIME(tstamp))");

The problem is that on hours where there is no data, there is a hole in the report. Example below:

Current Result:

Hour | Views
1 - 17
2 - 24
3 - 4
5 - 16
7 - 18

Desired Result:

Hour | Views
1 - 17
2 - 24
3 - 4
4 - 0
5 - 16
6 - 0
7 - 18

So what I am trying to accomplish is to display a 0, instead of skipping the row. This data is being used for charting, so a value is needed for each hour of the day, zero or not.

From my research the best way to accomplish this is to create a table with the hours in it and left join the existing tables to it. I created the table (hod) with the field (i) containing 24 rows, values 0-23. how to do this left join on the existing query. ...

Insert A Record At A Specific Location?
Is there a way to insert a record at a specific location within a table? ...

Php - Updating Row With Values From Another Table Using PDOs?
I have a table like the one below that currently has no values for rating, lib_id or votes.


id | title | year | rating | votes | lib_id |
1 | book1 | 1999 | | | |
2 | book2 | 2010 | | | |
3 | book3 | 2009 | | | |
4 | book4 | 2007 | | | |
5 | book5 | 1987 | | | |

I then have the classifications table which looks like this.


id | title | year | rating | votes | lib_id |
108 | book154 | 1929 | | | |
322 | book23 | 2011 | | | |
311 | book3 | 2009 | 9.3 | 4056 | 10876 |
642 | book444 | 2001 | | | |
533 | book567 | 1981 | | | |

It can happen that entries in the library table may not appear in the classifications table and vice-versa. There can also be the possibility that the title of the book is not unique. So what I want to do is go through each row in the library table, take the title and year columns, go to the classifications table and find the row that has these two values, retrieve the corresponding rating, votes and lib_id columns and update the entry in the library table.

I also want to use PDOs. Below is a non-working example of what i'm trying to achieve.

$update_vals_STH =
"UPDATE library SET lib_id=?, rating=?, votes=?
FROM (SELECT lib_id, rating, votes)
FROM classifications WHERE title=? AND year=?"; ...

Use Results From One Query In Another Where Statement?
I have two columns: users (dmid) and downloads (dfid).

Select all users who downloaded a specific file:

SELECT DISTINCT dmid FROM downloads_downloads where dfid = "7024"

SELECT dfid from downloads_downloads WHERE dmid = {user idsfrom #1 above}

Count and order the dfid results , so we can see how many downloads each file received:

dfid dl_count_field
---- --------------
18 103
3 77
903 66

SELECT dfid from downloads_downloads WHERE dmid IN (SELECT DISTINCT dmid FROM downloads_downloads where dfid = "7024") ...


MacBook Air :: 2010 2GB RAM Vs. 4GB RAM Benchmarks
can anyone link me? i'm specifically looking for performance benchmarks of the new 13" 2GB MBA vs. a 4GB MBA with the same specs ...

ICloud :: Download It On My Mac?
I already have the necessary requirements but it does not show up in my system preferences. Mobileme is there. I have gone to the Apple support on here but it does not tell you what to di if you do not see icloud in the system preference. ...

OS X :: Unable To Complete Bootup - Blue Screen With Arrow Appears
ok my macbook wont boot. i hit the power button, i hear the cd drive move, grey screen comes up with the apply logo and the little progress loading spinner thing, boot sound rings, then it goes to a dark blue screen for a second then it turns a lighter blue and the cursor is there and i can move it around, and then nothing happens it just sits there

i tried holding command/option/p/r till i heard the boot noise twice then let go and it stopped at the blue screen again. i didnt download anything new or change any permissions or system settings, just powered off last night and went to turn it on this morning and this happened ...

MacBook Pro :: It Keeps Shutting Off When I Unplug Charger
Why does my Macbook Pro keep shutting off when I unplug it from the charger

Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8) ...

OS X :: G4 Keeps Rebooting - Help Loading
As of yesterday my battery no longer holds a charge. Was running fine on the power cord. Now this morning when I boot up the computer. It goes on the apple loading screen, gives me the apple sound but instead of loading into the desktop. It goes back to the gray screen with the apple in the middle loading. It does this repeatedly and won't load onto the desktop. Need some advise on what I need to do. I'm also not sure if I have any of the original boot disks. ...


MYSQLI Not Putting Data Into The Database?
$data = array(
0 => 'Natural Chlid 1',
1 => 'Natural Chlid 2',
2 => 'Natural Chlid 3'


this doesn't seem to send the data to the database the error im getting is:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''will', 'children') VALUES (123, 'a:3:{i:0;s:15:"Natural Chlid 1";i:1;s:15:"N' at line 1 ...

English Records With LIKE
I use the following select statement with LIKE to make search, a strange and wiered result obtained, Code:

SELECT * FROM item WHERE item_description LIKE '%no%' ...

Transferring To A New Page
Is there a command, or a way, to transfer to a different page using php. I
currently am inserting JavaScript with a window.Open. ...

Automatically Align And Resize 3 Images Into A Small Image?
I don't know if this is even possible with PHP, but I figured if it is, someone here will know how. I'm currently working on a project where users can customize a full body main avatar to be used throughout the site. There are a bunch of different face, hair, etc transparent png images that can be selected to make their custom avatar. I have this working great, but here is the hard part. I want to be able to use the face, hair, and beard (if male), and automatically create an 80x80 image that will be used as their small avatar for forum posts, etc.There are a few obstacles with this. First, all of the images are 187x404 (big amounts of the image are transparent, the character body image is achieved by stacking the images, so a face image isn't actually that big). For this to work, the images would effectively have to be automatically cropped so that all of the extra space was removed and the actual face, hair, or beard part showed in the 80x80 spot.The second issue is that some of the hair or beards (when placed on the full-size face image) would extend past the 80x80 and be chopped off. So the image would have to be pieced together at full size, and then resized to fit in 80x80.I know the basic way of combining the 3 images into one [URL].....transparent-png-images-on-top-of-each-other-with-php), but that is as far as I've gotten. If I'm crazy and this isn't possible then tell me. I'm probably way overcomplicating this, so if you see and obviously easier way to achieving this, I would love to hear it. ...

<option Selected="selected"> - Show The Initially Selected Value As The One Stored In The Mysql Database
I have a html drop down menu and want to show the initially selected value as the one stored in the mysql database that a member selected. I have 180+ rows in mysql that a member could have selected and would like to basically do this:

IF (value of option == $row['value'] ) { echo "selected="selected"; }

I could put this in every one of the rows it would be much better to have an if statement. As there are so many values I do not know where to begin. ...


Motorola Xoom :: Unable To Take Screen Shot With ICS?
My biggest complaint about the Xoom is the fact I am not able to take screen shotsinstalled ICS tell me if the new OS has that functionality built into it? ...

Nokia :: N97 Updated Phone Now Won't Turn On - Stayed A Blank Screen With Nokia Sign In Middle In Blue
Okay i've had my Nokia n97 for more than 6months now and its been working great except lately my facebook app wasn't working and i had to update it,so last night i backed up my files on my mobile and i connected it to the pc and updated it with the program that the mobile brings with a cd it was okay then i went back to restore my files and it said it had to restart so it turned off and i went to turn it on again and it stayed a blank screen with the nokia sign in the middle in blue (when you turn it on it that usually shows) but it stayed stuck there it doesn't go to pin code nor anything, and to turn it off i have to take the battery off, ...

Motorola Droid Razr :: Charging Led Light Not Working After 6.12.173 OTA Update
Charging led light not working after 6.12.173 OTA Update. It use to come on when the phone was powered off and plugged in to charge. Any way to get it back? ...

BB Pearl 8100 :: Cannot Access Multiple Listing Service
I am unable to access the realtor website Multiple Listing Service from my phone. When I try to log in it tells me that I must at least have Internet Explorer 6.0 to access the sight. ...

BB Storm 9530/9500 :: How To Download Pictures On PC
how do i download my pics from my storm to my PC? I have the BB desktop manager, but not sure how to specifically download pictures. ...


Child Tables Primary Key Not Generated Automatically
(VS2005 Professional)

My database's layout is as follows:

Identification (Parent table)
ID# (Primary Key, auto increase)
First Name


I am placing this three tables in three tabs by a tabcontrol. If I put two child tables in dataGridView in their tab, the insert(new record)/update to the tables works very well. When I put the child tables in details View, I can't get a new record updated. The problem with details view is that there is no AddressID and VehiclesID generated. In dataGridView, these IDs are automatically generated whenever a mouse enters into a cell in a row. ...

File I/O And Registry :: Text File Reading And Writing?
I have just recently been using VB 2010 after using VB5. I have noticed a lot of changes. The problem I have is that I wish to open and save text files to and from arrays in the background. I've attached what I would do in VB5. I have searched around, but all the examples I find use a Textbox instead of an array. Can anyone show me how I can do this with VB 2010? ...

Bug In 2008 Programs Running Under 64 Bit Windows 7?
I know there are compatibility problems with 32 bit code running on 64 bit machines, but this doesnt seem like it should happen. ...

Make A Loop In A Table Using Dates?
I try to make a loop in a table using dates i have this in a asp kode but can't make it work in vb

For i = CDate(strfradato) To CDate(str2tildato)Error1'For' loop control variable cannot be of type 'Date' because the type does not support the required operators. ...

Turn Off Monitor From Command Line?
I will build a EXE file without form, this EXE file will turn off monitor, then invoke this EXE from command line.The turn off monitor code is below

Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As IntPtr, ByVal wMsg As Integer, ByVal wParam As Integer, ByVal lParam As Integer) As Integer
Private Const WM_SYSCOMMAND As Integer = &H112


I want to know what about the MainHandle, because there is no the form in the EXE file (Me.Handles invalid), and only invoke the EXE from command line, in other words, there is no the invoke form (FindWindowA is invalid), how to write the MainHandle? ...