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C :: Finding Most Frequent Symbol With Markow Algorithm
I have such task. There is such alpahbet as {a, b} in markow algorithm concept. So I need to find out which letters (a or b) are more in word "p". If a then to retrieve the word with letter a, if-b-then word with letter "b", if there is equal quantity then 0. How to do it. Where to find such example, at least some clues how to begin. ...

C++ :: Print Multidimensional Array Using Classes?
I am currently trying to write a program, which i able to print a multidimensional array using classes. My problem is, it prints random values, and not the value from the user input.

Here is the Code

[URL] ...

C++ :: Can't Sort Node Based Upon Value
I can't sort node based upon there value to sort nodes on the basis of the Nodes value in ascending order

if(Current_Node->get_value() < Last_Current_Node->get_value())
temp = Current_Node->get_next();
Last_Current_Node->set_next(temp);} ...

C++ :: Open File And Read In Rows To String Vector And Return Vector
I have a cpp app that reads in a number of files and writes revised output. The app doesn't seem to be able to open a file with a ' in the file name, such as,


This is the function that opens the file :

// opens mol file, reads in rows to string vector and returns vector
vector<string> get_mol_file(string& filePath) {
vector<string> mol_file;
string new_mol_line;
// create an input stream and open the mol file
ifstream read_mol_input; filePath.c_str() );

[Code] ....

The path to the file is passed as a cpp string and the c version is used to open the file. Do I need to handle this as a special case? It is possible that there could be " as well, parenthesis, etc. ...

C :: How To Delete All Occurrences Of A Char In A String
I want do delete all occurrences of a char in a given string, but I really don't see my error in the code. Here is how I did it:


char *input = "example_string";
int len = strlen(input);
char *new_line[len];
char bad = 'e'; //the one to delete
int i;
int j = 0;


I get segmentation or bus errors.. And I also don#t understand the warning I get. new_line is an array of chars, and I am trying to assign to it a certain char. ...


Trick Lambda Expression In VB
I know in VB Lambda expressions must return a value and can only have one statement. But in my case I just need to execute a Sub that does not return a value. Is there a way to trick it by somehow returning a dummy value yet still call my Sub? If possible what would the syntax be like? ...

Vs2008: Why Form Is Not Opening
I have a project in VS2008.Net3.5 with a Module1, form1 and form2.


Question: At the beginning I am opening form1 from sub Main(). Now from the menu I am openning form2. In form2 I am clicking Done button to hide form2 and go back to form1. It works fine in the 1st trial. Keeping form1 open for the 2nd time, I opened form2 from the menu. Now when I Click the Done button 2nd time it just hides up everything. Form1 does not show UP. It just exits the whole application. But in my btnDone event, I have ...

How To Recognize Time Past
How do I make my program know that time is passing and interact with it? Currently I'm trying to use a method like this:
Imports System.Globalization
Private Sub CurrentTime_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CurrentTime.Tick
Dim date_info As DateTimeFormatInfo = _
ToolStripLabel1.Text = Now.ToString(date_info.ShortTimePattern)
End Sub

That sets the current time to ToolStripLabel1.Text it looks like: 10:25 PM. Then I made another timer, realizing I couldn't interact with Toolstriplabel1.text because the time contains " : and PM", and this timer does this:
Private Sub Timer2_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer2.Tick
TextBox48.Text = Val(ToolStripLabel1.Text)
End Sub

Basically it takes the value of toolstriplabel1 which would be "10" it gives a variable 1-12 in accordance with the current time. Then I have another timer that handles the main process, and in My.settings I have a variable:

So I was going to use My.settings.12hourspassed as a variable such as My.settings.12hourspassed = My.settings.12hourspassed + 1 - whenever the time (textbox48.text) goes to 12.
Private Sub Timer_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer.Tick
If Val(TextBox48.Text) = 12 Then My.settings.12hourspassed = My.settings.12hourspassed + 1
If Val(TextBox48.Text) = 12 Then TextBox48.Text = "1"
End Sub

The problem is that I cant do textbox48.text = "1" because another timer is making it the value of the current time.. So whenever textbox48.text = 12 it constantly does: My.settings.12hourspassed = My.settings.12hourspassed + 1...

I know that this method completely skips an hour and such.. accuracy isnt all that huge. Any way to tick off whenever 12 hours have passed? and if the program is turned off a way to compare the current date with the date the program turned off at to see how much time has passed while the program is off? ...

Get The Color Of The Top-left Pixel Of The Desktop Window?
I need to get the color of the top-left pixel of the desktop window, here's my
<DllImport("user32.dll", SetLastError:=True, CharSet:=CharSet.Auto)> _Private Shared Function GetDC(ByVal hwnd As IntPtr) As IntPtrEnd


But GetPixel always returns -1. I tried to get it to work using different coordinates (1,1 for example) but no luck. Does anybody know what might be the case?

P.S. Is there any alternatives for obtaining the desktop pixel colors? ...

Sorting Listbox Items Numerically In VB?
I need to sort the items in a visual basic listbox numerically, that is, I have a collection of numbers I would like to be sorted increasingly.

I tried to simply use the listbox's Sorted property, but found that it treated the numbers as if they were strings, that is, it would look at the first digit, then the second, etc. to determine the order. That meant that 13 would show before 5, for example.

I thought of dumping all the numbers into an array, soring the array, and then pushing them back to the listbox, but, honestly, I don't know how to go about the sorting. I figured the array would be useless, since the listbox already acts as a pseudo array. ...

Windows 8

Windows Store Not Allow Sign In From Local Account
I have Windows 8 installed on a local account and wish to sign in from my Microsoft Account but only as & when required not all of the time. Shawn's tutorial "How to Sign in with a Different Microsoft Account to the Store in Windows 8" covers the procedure which should apply.

Attempting this offers only the "Sign In" button however once clicked the spinning circle appears for a fleeting second before the pointer is returned to the button once more, further attempts loopback in the same manner.

I can only surmise that this is happening because I have undertaken a customised install using Kari's excellent tutorial "How to Relocate User Profiles to another Partition or Disk in Windows 8" where the User Profile concerned is "D:User" and not "C:UsersUser" this being my longstanding preference from previous Windows installs from XP to 7.

I have tried the mklink /j route to link both C:UsersUser and D:UsersUser with D:User but with no success.

Is there a registry key containing the profile path which is used by the store sign in which requires modifying to my customised path of D:User?? .....or is something else amiss?? ...

Windows 8 On Netbook - Metro Apps Won't Work?
it installs without a hitch, comes up, runs fine ... just don't try running any Metro apps because most of them won't work - the screen resolution I have is something like 1024 x 600 (fine for this device) but that's too small for most apps. The desktop is fine but virtually nothing else can be run outside that.

I like my little netbook but Windows 8 doesn't. I made an image of that drive becuase I'll be restoring that soon. ...

Audio Distortion Followed By Computer Freezing?
I have had this computer for about a year now and it recently started acting up. What happens is the audio begins to distort and than the computer freezes if I close something out. This only used to happen when a lot of stuff was running at once or a big game was player, Spore for example.

Recently it has been doing it more. Before if I skyped with youtube on while i played a game, you know big stuff, it would do this, but now if I have a paused youtube video or an ended youtube video on while I play minecraft it does the same thing. There is no error code or anything, I have to manually turn it off and on. ...

Setup Installation :: Win 8 64 Bit Install Error Code 0x80070570
I am trying to install Windows 8 64 Bit on a HP 2530p laptop using a USB Flash Drive that I set up with DiskPart and copied OS files to - from DVD disc. I first tried to install using a DVD disc in a external DVD RW I plugged into USB port of laptop - this laptop has no built-in optical drive. I got the same error code with DVD disc that I get with USB Flash drive. I formatted HD during beginning of install so there is no OS on laptop...

Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570.

I ran a MemTest86 and did a HD Test from BIOS and both passed. ...

Network / Sharing :: Setting PPPOE Connection To Autodial On Startup?
I'm using Windows 8.1 and I try to setup autodial for a PPPOE connection on startup,I've use Task Scheduler on action I've set:

arguments: -d "connectionname"
trigger : At log on

When I start computer,PPPOE connection starts but doesn't auto connect,I have to press "Connect" button. ...


Applications :: Finding HI8 To DVD / Video Editing Program
I am planning on converting my old HI8 tapes to DVDs.

I know there are a few options. Can anybody suggest a simple solution?I know there is a software you can install on my Mac. How is it called? Where can I get it? ...

MacBook Pro :: Can't Set Up Targus PAKP003 Non Bluetooth Mouse
Can't set up Targus PAKP003 non bluetooth mouse? Planning on ordering a better mouse, (any recommendations) but in the meantime I need to use this one.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3) ...

OS X Yosemite :: Disk Won't Eject After Time Machine Backup
Each time im doing a time machine backup, the external drive does not eject, the icon becomes pale, but remains on the desktop. But when I did not just make a backup I can eject it normaly.

My disc contains two partitions, one with the backups. When my problem occurs the first partition is ejected but not the Time Machine one.

I tried to reformat the partition but the problem persists. My hard drive is a GDrive mobile usb 1 TO purchased at the apple store.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1) ...

App Store :: Why Did Open Item Not Come With IPhoto
I got my open item computer at Best Buy and was using it as a back up computer.  Then I just now started using it as my primary computer and I have noticed that iPhoto is no longer on it. That is wrong if I have to purchase these programs myself that should already be installed.

MacBook (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.4) ...

Applications :: Finding Alternative To IPhoto?
I am looking for an alternative to iPhoto for viewing and organizing photos. I need something that allows for tags like iPhoto does and preferably something with a full-screen mode for editing.

My main problem with iPhoto is that it gets bogged down when you have imported thousands of photos. And I hate having to import photos on external drives before I can view them.

I've seen a lot of recommendations for Picasa, but I can't use that 'cause I'm on a PPC. ...


Cisco :: Catalyst 2960 Is There Opportunity To Backup WLC6 Via SNMP
I have NM-AIR-WLC6-K9 in Cisco 2821. Is there opprotunity to retreive configuration via SNMP as from Cisco Catalyst 2960? ...

Cisco WAN :: Getting WS-C3750G-12S-E Routing Capabilities?
I have 2 CISCO WS-C3750G-12S-E witch I`m concidering using as redundant VLAN routers for a small WISP network.Do not have much experiences with these, so I might be asking stupid questions...The network has about 2000 connected clients.

Traffic is about 300 - 400 Mbps duplex.

100000 -  150000 PPS
Expected this to get to about 3000  connected clients.
Traffic about 500 - 700 Mbps duplex.

150000 -  200000 PPS

Before these end their duty Are they up for the task, or do you reccomed something different? ...

Lan Cable Not Been Detected
i have an issue with a belkin ethernet expresscard used on a laptop where the onboard network is a static ip address hooked up to an insurment and the express card is dhcp .i can connect to the network in one location with out issue and on the other location the express card will not connect but the on board card will connect fine when set to dhcp and i dont want to set the express card to a static ip address.i do's not see a lan cable connect but it is.all the simple issue have been ruled tryed differnt lan cable used same lan point on diffrent laptop and connected with out issue .ip relased renew dns flushed winsock reset etc..dhcp servers are the same (both locations)default gate way the same (both locations)this is class A ip address range? ...

D-link 604 Router Can't Communicate With Timewarner Cable Modem
I've had a dlink604router connected to a dsl modem for the longest time with all my computers receiving internet without any problems. I just switched to a cable modem and the router blinks as if it's communicating with the modem but no internet is getting to the computers connected to the router. I've always left the dlink's settings to default-my 2 macs receive automatic dhcp. If the settings on the dlink have to be changed to communicate with the new cable modem? ...

Cisco WAN :: Routing And Multiple Wan Uplinks On 6509E?
simple question regarding WAN transit uplinks on a 6509E ad BGP.  The Hardware configuration is:
Cisco 6509-E Chassis with enhanced Fan
Dual power supply and 1 G flash for Engine
I'm currently using both 1 gig uplinks on the SUP for my two carrier transit uplinks (BGP). I would like to add a third carrier transit uplink into my BGP. Can I utilize the 6748 for access to the SUP720 routing to expand my transit carrier uplinks? Any thoughts on options without having to go to a 10gig SUP720? ...