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Networking And Gateways :: NL-00280 - Error Creating Log Stream?
we are doing a fresh install of oracle10g on a ubuntu 64bit os.Our previous installation on ubuntu 32bit os was successful.On our installation on the new server we came upon this:

TNSLSNR for Linux: Version - Production
NL-00280: error creating log stream /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server/network/log/listener.log
NL-00278: cannot open log file
SNL-00016: snlfohd: error opening file
Linux Error: 13: Permission denied

Listener failed to start. See the error message(s) above..and this

Copyright (c) 1997, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Used parameter files:
Used HOSTNAME adapter to resolve the alias
TNS-12541: TNS:no listener

since i'm new to server administration thingy, ...

Adding Column If It Does Not Exist?
I've been trying to write some code to add a column if it does not exist as the code will be run numerous times and will be parameterized in other software to run across multiple tables.

Here is what I have made so far:

COLEXISTS integer;
vCmdStr varchar2(4000);


I can't figure out where the invalid character is. ...

SQL & PL/SQL :: Add A New Counter Column
I need to enhance the design of one of the tables by adding a primary key to it. i need to know how to fill this new column with sequenced serial before I change it to Primary key.



Now I need to add values to REQUEST_SERIAL but can figure how to do that in SQL. I even tried to use your previous tip and use row_number() but it can only return a full set of values not a single one. ...

How Streams Export / Import Parameters Work
I have a test database with tables that occasionally has to be updated to the state of the production database tables. These databases both stream several tables to separate databases. (ie database A streams tables to database X and B to Y).

I export the needed schema daily from the production database "A". To update the test database "B", I import the needed tables from this export file. I then export the tables to be streamed from database B with the object_consistent=y parameter. I then import those tables to database Y using the streams_instantiation=y parameter.

So this is the process ...

1. Turn off capture on B
2. Turn off apply on Y
3. Drop the tables in B
4. Import tables from A to B
5. Prepare instantiation on tables in B (DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.PREPARE_TABLE_INSTANTIATION)
6. Export from B with object_consistent=y
7. Drop tables in Y
8. Import from B to Y with streams_instantiation=y
9. Start apply on Y
10. Start capture on B

I ran this overnight through an OEM job and it appeared to work, just not how I expected. When I came in there was a lot of activity on both databases. All sessions were from the streams admin account. This continued for some time (long after the job had finished). During this time the "captured scn", "applied scn" & "last enqueued scn" values were quite different on the source side (didn't jot those down). I compared these ot the "last applied message number" on the target side and the valuse were quite a bit off.

After the activity subsided, the SCN values were all in the same ballpark. So I figure all the activity was changes getting applied from database B to database Y. I tested out the streaming and it's working fine.

I thought the parameters in the export and import statements were supposed to sync up the SCNs. That is I thought they would start off in the same state and there would be no need for applying changes. No one changed anything on the source database overnight.

I must not be understanding how the streams export/import parameters work. ...

PL/SQL :: Extract Number From String
I am using this Regexp to extract numbers from a string, and I doubt that there is a more efficient way to get this done:

SELECT  regexp_replace (regexp_replace ( REGEXp_REPLACE ('  !@#$%^&*()_+= '' + 00 SDFKA 324 000 8702 234 |  " ' , '[[:punct:]]',''), '[[:space:]]',''), '[[:alpha:]]','')  FROM dual

Is there a more efficient way to get this done ? ...


Wireless :: Connect Several Tv's To 1 Computer?
i want to get rid of cable and just use netflix, but have 4 tv's in my house is there any way to have it hooked up so i can watch different shows on each tv. ...

Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3550 / 3560 / 3750s - OSPF Configuration For The First Time?
I have a network with static routes witch I need to convert to OSPF.Never used OSPF, and do not have much experience in routing in general.The netvork is connected via some fiber links, but moastly wireless bridges.I have attached a drawing of how the network is.Routers are 3550, 3560 and 3750s.Each router is on a different physical site. ...

Linksys Wired Router :: Cisco BEFSR 41 - WAN To LAN Throughput
I have been trying to find out what the maximum Wan to Lan thruput is for the Linksys Cisco BEFSR 41 Etherfast router..
Have both the version 3 and 4 models and want to deploy them into both 6mb and 12mb DSL networks.. From what I have found the version 1 and 2 have 10mb wan ports and the version 3 and 4 have 10/100mb ports.. There seems to be hardware upgrades as well with the CPU and memory speeds but what they are I do not know for sure.. Found someone stating that they went from a 50mhz CPU to a 166mhz CPU to a possible 220mhz CPU... ...

Wireless :: 1 User Account Cannot Connect On Internet?
I have a laptop with 2 user account (one for me - administrator and the other for my eleven year old son). Connection is wireless. Until a few months ago everything was working fine and then the problems started: my son could no longer connect on the internet with Explorer and Google Chrome but I managed to connect it via Firefox. And it worked until yesterday. As of yesterday he can no longer connect to the internet even with Firefox. I tried again as an administrator to reinstall Google Chrome, but the icon is shown only on my user account. I took a completely new browser - Opera, but fails to connect. When I go to Diagnose & Repair connection problems - shows no problems. On my account everything is working properly. OS is Windows Vista Home Premium ...

Windows 7 Internet Disconnect?
My desktop is connected to the internet through my home's wireless network and every time I log into an online game it disconnects me from the internet.This happens without signal loss or other warning signs from Windows, but my in-game ping spikes until I disconnect and I am unable to access the internet through my regular browser.I am still able to access the internet through other devices and am able to play the game through another computer which runs windows vista.All drivers and firmware are up to date. ...


Updating Tables Data VB 2010?
I have one DataSet and two forms, Customers and Efficiency. When I make changes to the Customers table (Delete a Customer for instance) It does not reflect the changes on the Efficiency table. The default form is Efficiency and I'm calling the Customers form from within the Efficiency form. I make the change in the Customer form, I then close the Customer form and call the Efficiency form back. The data is not updated on the Efficiency side until I close the application and re-open it. what code I need and where to inject this code? ...

VS 2008 Activate Partial Window Title?
Im trying to activate and bring a window to the foreground using AppActivate but the beginning of the window title changes based upon what the user is doing. ...

Sql - Configuration File For .net (Unable To Pass In Correct Values)
An exert from my config file looks liek this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


EDIT: I am able to pass in the string perfectly when using Visual Studio 2005. But when using VS 2003 and a loiwer .net framework it will not let me, unless I hard code it in.

Could something be enabled/disabled on one of these instances of VS? Or could this just be an error with the older versions of .net? I think I am using 1.1??(will have to check) in 2003. ...

Making A Program That Has Two Forms?
I am making a program in (visual basic) that has two forms. I have one as a sort of "main" base which will be behind everything. Then I have another additional form which is suppose to go on top of the "main" form. Well I get this to work when I show both of the forms, but I want the smaller (additional) form to be centered onto the main form. If you want an easier sense of it, its a small box in a big box. (all centered and aligned). Does anyone know how to do this? ...

How To Make DataGridView Containing Single Row
How can I make the datagridview contains 1 row? Because I have a toolbar that have two button (forward,backward) and I need the datagridview to be single row because each row is a record in The DB. And when I press the forward button I will go to the next record. And btw, which is better this way or make the datagridview display all the records at once? ...