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Macro To Compare Two Ranges In Two Different Sheets
I am relatively new to VBA macros. I am having two sheets, in one sheet I have a non-contiguous 20 rows range and in the other sheet I have a 20 row contiguous range. I need a macro which will compare data between the two ranges(one to one compare) meaning 1st row of the first range should compare with 1st row of the second range and if it matches then it should populate the adjacent column in the second sheet with true or false accordingly. ...

Column Totals
I need help to total a column but in four cells the values are as a result of conditional formatting and the total ignores those cells. Is this difficult or am I a bit slow? This is in 2003. ...

Become The Active Cell Than The Userform Is To Open Up
I have created a user form that has 6 input boxs and at the bottom of the userform has a seventh box that has a running total. I have two buttons one to "accept" and one to "cancel". My prloblem is creating the code to make it work correctly.

1) if a cell in B5:B20 become the active cell than the userform is to open up.
2) once the useform is open the user can input up to six different numbers into the input box's which will show the runinng total in the seventh box.
3) Once all numbers are inputed into the input box's the user can hit "accept" to post the total into the active cell or hit "cancel" and nothing have nothing happen.

IF Or COUNTIF Formula?
See attached document, there are 11 cells in which will either contain Yes or No. Looking at the different combinations that there can be there can only ever be 9 out of the 11 cells being used or 10 out of 11 being used.

Also the last question (Row 25) could be filled N/A if this occurs I would like the formula not to count that. Is there a counting formula or IF formula which can be done to help me out? ...

Copy From Template To First Empty Row In A Master Workbook
I'm unsure how to adapt the code to suit my needs.

I have an Excel workbook that is created a few times a month from a template. When I update it I run a macro that saves a values only copy with the current date. I'd like to copy non-blank rows (from row 8 down) into the first empty row in a master workbook that is saved on a network drive. The path to the master workbook is "B:8MPBGTrade Pre-AdviceBG Trade Confirm Master.xls" ...


Connecting To Router With Wireless PC?
My internet was running perfectly fine for the first 6-9 months, but recently has deteriorated to a mess (keeps getting booted on and off or slows to the point where it's virtually unusable). It seems to be the worst on weeknights and weekends.<removed by moderator - etaf>, For reference, I am running a Windows 7 machine, connecting wirelessly through a Netgear WNR1000 router. When connected to the router using an ethernet cable, it works perfectly fine. There is another wired device which works fine, so it's mainly the wifi connection. For my Windows 7 PC, the wireless cuts in and out (working fine now), and oftentimes drops me. I have to reset the router/modem multiple times just to be able to use it. My roommate who also has a wireless PC also has problems connecting wirelessly as well. Currently, I have IPV4 connectivity, but no IPV6 connectivity.

My ipconfig below:

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : J-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Peer-Peer
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

[code].... ...

D-Link DAP-1522 - Unable To Log On After Network Changes
I recently had a networking guy set up a VPN for me, but for it to work properly he had to change all my IP addresses to 192.168.10.xx from 192.168.0.xx. My DAP-1522 (in bridge mode) continued to work but I am unable to log on to it, I think because it's address is I have run into some other issues which makes me think I may need to upgrade the DAP-1522 firmware and/or assign it an address beginning with 192.168.10.xx, however I can't log on to the bridge. (Nor do I know how to change or possible reassign the DAP-1522's address through my router, a DIR-615). ...

Internet Disconnects Every 5-10 Minutes For 5 Seconds
I can give is that every 5-10mins my internet cuts out for about 5 seconds, just long enough to kick me out of a game if I'm playing one.. so it's beyond frustrating. I use a toshiba laptop and it was recently reformatted. These stupid dcs used to happen before the reformat.. they'd happen one week then stop the next. after the reformat which was done (hopefully professionally) by geeksquad, infact they gave me a new hard drive too cause my old one heated up real fast, I was fine for a few months and now like a sickness it has strucken me again. So far it's been a week of nonstop disconnects every 5-10mins... it actually did stop for about 12hours today but I rebooted and then it started again.. so there IS a way to fix it, I just don't know what I did.I am 100% certain it's not my wireless connection, the same thing happens with an ethernet cord. the ipconfig flushdns stuff, and the netsh winsock reset stuff. also of course i've done various virus scans i'm fairly certain that's not the issue. ...

Wireless :: Ports On Emachine T3418
trying to hook up wireless - have old machine - router guide suggests wireless adapter to use with modem. Has any tried this? Does it work? ...

Laptop Is Unable To Find Any Networks
Recently, I have found out that my laptop is unable to find any networks. I started using what I believe to be an ethernet cable to connect my laptop to the internet because it was faster than wireless. But when I removed the cable and try to connect wirelessly, the computer states that there are no wireless networks in range. I know the wireless adapter is broadcasting because my sister can connect wirelessly to the internet. My WiFi is on, but I can't find any networks. ...

Windows 8

Entering Desktop From Initial Startup - All Icons Missing
So upon entering desktop from initial startup, all my icons are missing. The loading symbol shows if i move my cursor over the taskbar at the bottom. If I CTRl-ALT-DEL and signout i takes a minute but than i can sign in and it works fine. Im not getting any BSOD and this occurs about 1/3rd of the time. Also resetting does not solve the issue. I couldn't find anything about blank/empty desktop screens via google. ...

Hardware Drivers :: H Drive Working But Unable To Find It In Computer
In the manager, it shows that i have H drive working, but i cant find it in My computer.., i can only get into the local disk H through the disk manager., ...

How Long Windows 8.1 Can Be Non Activated
I have installed (clean installation) windows 8.1 pro with media center. Is not activated. But for how long I can use windows 8.1 being non activated? ...

Bluetooth Not Working After Installing Windows 8 Pro 32bit On HP 630 Laptop
I have installed window 8 pro 32 bit and my Bluetooth is not working after that. Previously window 7 ultimate 32 bit was installed in my laptop. after installation of window 8 pro 32 bit the driver of Bluetooth is not working. In window diagnosis it says "Generic Bluetooth Adapter not working properly" . Generic Bluetooth Adapter Properties

Device status : Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter ...

Hardware Drivers :: Network Driver Gets Corrupt After Every Shutdown?
which is about the network drivers, I am using Intel desktop board dh61ww which has its on board LAN adapter named (Intel gigabit LAN) which uses Intel gigabit network controller driver, When i bought this computer I had no issues used it about 8 months with out any problems, but now its been 10 months of total. Before 6 days some person used my computer and after that i started facing this problem that is after every reboot i have to reinstall my drivers or restore the windows to a point that i saved. I have done fresh windows on this PC(three times) also with deleting and creating new partitions but still it keeps coming up. after shutdown when I login to my windows the task bar haves a red cross on network connections icon and in device manager there's an exclamation mark on network drivers. so i have to waste my time for restoring windows or reinstalling my network drivers. ...


C :: Char Array With A Phrase To Char Word
I need to do a function that copy every word from a text to a char word. How can i do it? ...

C++ :: Writing A Program Without Using Any Type Of Container
How to write a program without using any type of container . ...

C++ :: Direction On Implementing Alegrabic Functions
implementing an algebra function.(a+b)(a-b).does c++ support this sort of function.Did a quick search on google and all of them suggested using libraries like boost. is there anyway to do this without a library? ...

C++ :: How To Pass Char To Function Void
How to pass the char something[8][8] for example to function void ( char pass.....)??? ...

C++ :: Printing Too Many Times To The Screen
I've got most of the program to work but its printing to the screen 5 times and I only want it to print once.

cos1512: 57.00%
mat1512: 86.50%
inf1520: 65.10%
cos1521: 78.40%
inf1505: 89.10%

but I get:

Semester Marks:
cos1512: 57.00%
mat1512: 57.00%
inf1520: 57.00%
cos1521: 57.00%
inf1505: 57.00%
cos1512: 86.50%

My code:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class Module {
void setModules(string module1, string module2, string module3, string module4, string module5);
void setMarks(int aMark1, int aMark2);
int updateMarks();

[Code] ..... ...


Superglobal $_SESSION.
what is the advatage of session_register over superglobal $_SESSION. ...

Product Attributes Problem ??
while trying to design a database for shopping cart i encountered few problems which i am mentioning here. I had hierarchical level of categories for products for which i designed table as: Code: ...

Enter The Record With Only Whitespace
I want to enter the record with white-space as a record in MySQL. I had tried to enter it through shell and phpmyadmin, the record enters but when I try to retrieve the record it returns as null. I had also set the column null = no even then returns nothing.

code is below through shell and php:

insert into first_replace(to_replace, with_replace) values(".", " "); ...

Custom Error Pages For CakePHP Plugin?
I'm working with CakePHP 1.3 and I'm looking to have any errors (missing controller, missing page, etc) that contain an /admin/ prefix to come from one of my plugins (using a plugin layout) as opposed to being served using my web sites default.ctp layout ...

Why The Script Ran On PHP 4.2.3, But Not 4.2.4
What is the big change from 4.2.4 from 4.2.3? I have many scripts not runing
now. The scripts are working fine in PHP 3.x ...


MacBook Pro :: Internet Running Slow On Wireless Connection?
I just bought my MacBook Pro 13.3 inch and it is amazing. I just have one problem. The net is running very slow on wireless. I have a NetGear router that has always had PCs. It works fine through Ethernet. ...

Windows On Mac :: Changing Permissions On External Hard Drive - Formatted For Windows
I had a Windows based PC a couple of years ago that had crashed. So recently i tried to put the files from my old hard drive from my Windows computer to my Mac. In order to keep track of what i have copied and what I haven't i thought it would be good to delete the stuff of my windows hard drive once it was copied. However, it doesn't let me delete anything of the Windows drive since it is set to read only. Is there a way around this? i've tried everything i can think of, but haven't found a soluti ...

OS X :: Stop Airport Internet Access?
i have a small problem, i am a student, but i spend way too much time on chat rooms, and its getting to be a real problem. we have airport in my parents home and my laptop is hooked up to it. i had to enter a password originally to join the network connection, but now i just want to block access, from my laptop, to the family connection, so that i can only use my parents computer for the internet... ie so it will ask me for a password again for my laptop to get online, and wont just automatically be connected (i dont have this password any more so i wont be able to spend hours wasting time on the net!!) ...

Hardware :: Router Configuration On Time Capsule?
I am running a Buffalo Linkstation on my network. It works as a network server through a utility on the manufacturer's website. I cannot figure how to confugure the fierwall in my Time Capsule (I think it is the same as Air Port) to allow external internet connections to come in over Port 9000. Or as the manual for the Linkstation says " forward port 9000 within your router's configuration page". ...

Applications :: Any Program For Converting Image To Text On Mac
Did a quick search, couldn't find any. Searched Google. All I could find was programs for PC. Do they exist on mac? I need one quick. ...